Petar Bojović (copper alloy)
Petar Bojović (copper alloy) Petar Bojović (copper alloy) Petar Bojović (copper alloy)

Petar Bojović (copper alloy)

19.90 EUR | 26.86 US$ | 1,990.00 din

Medal depicting Field Marshal Petar Bojović, minted in the National Bank of Serbia – Institute for Manufacturing Banknotes and Coins to mark 100 years since the outbreak of the First World War


Finished in Proof standard
Dimension: Ø 38 mm
Composition: copper alloy
Weight: 18 g
Packaging: plastic box with stand, 160 x 100 mm dimension

Petar Bojović (1858-1945) was the General in command of the First Serbian Army until he was wounded in the battle of Kolubara. As Head of the Supreme Command he led the Serbian army retreat over Albania. In July 1918 he led the First Army at the battle of Dobro Polje on the Salonika front, where Bulgarian armies were heavily defeated. He was awarded the title of “vojvoda” (Field Marshal) after that victory.

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